Disrupted tour

The current health emergency that has turned our lives upside down in the last two weeks, and is now affecting more and more countries, has made Ludovico European March tour uncertain and difficult.
From increasingly restricted access and transit in various countries, to cancelled or postponed flights, the closure of some theatres, and quarantine measures implemented without notice, there is also a duty for a group of twelve to safeguard their own health and that of others, responsibly fulfilling the directives of the health authorities.
For this reason, in agreement with the local organisers, the tour has been postponed for a few months, when we trust conditions of safety and serenity will have been restored.
Once the storm has passed, we will return to rejoice in the music and in meeting you as much and more than before.
Thank you all.

Please visit the events page to be updated with new dates and more info on each show at https://ludovicoeinaudi.com/events/