• In Conversation: Ludovico Einaudi


    “I wanted to do something more interactive and free,” Ludovico Einaudi admits, his voice dipping into the silky smoothness of its twangy Italian baritone.

    Slouched on a soft green velvet sofa in Italy, I find myself surrounded by brick walls, vibrant plants and antique furniture. The floor is covered with old-fashioned stoned tiles, displaying a blend of deep homely browns, matched with a patterned vintage red rug. Sat across from me is the ground-breaking classical composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. Born and bred in Italy, his music is most recognised through its influence from nature and use in films, advertisements and documentaries.

    To say his music is cinematic is all too obvious and Einaudi’s ability to create intricate and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired. His skill to write masterfully poignant and heart-rending pieces of entirely immersive music, is achieved so effortlessly.

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  • Classical Music for a Modern Age: Ludovico Einaudi


    I’ve talked to Ludovico Einaudi, the Italian pianist and composer whose particular cinematic, ethereal style of music has won him an audience of millions and made him the world’s most streamed classical artist, but whose claim to be part of the genre has made traditionalists see red.

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